Review of 50 Management ideas you really need to know

181 50 management ideasIf you are a follower of my blog, you will notice that English is not my native tongue. One of the reasons why I bought this book was to enrich my Business English vocabulary, the other one was my passion about business management.

The author

Edward Russell-Walling is a well known writer, specializing in business management and finance. He has been a contributor of prestigious publications like The Wall Street Journal or Financial Times.

The book

As the author tells, there are many different management ideas on how to lead, on how to motivate people or on how to compete. There are different ways of thinking in the business management world too. This book is plenty of these ideas and these differents ways or styles of management.

The book is divided into 50 chapters (4 or 5 pages per each one). In every chapter is explained a management idea in an easy way. From oldie concepts like the Experience Curve to the latest like Globalization or the Web 2.0. From the well known theories like the Boston Matrix or the Five Forces of Competition (Michael Porter) to the less famous like the Total Quality Management, Edward Russell explains 50 management concepts, which will be needed in your business career.

I have really enjoyed (and learned) reading this book and this is why I strongly recommend its reading for managers, entrepreneurs and workers who want to improve their performances and their careers thanks to all this business knowledge.

Fifty Management ideas you really need to know

Edward Russell – Walling

Quercus. London 2012

A review by David Torija

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Economist and MBA. Business Development Manager, Advisor and Business Strategist. Passionate about Management, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Social Media, Writing and Public Speaking. Cross Cultural and Global Minded. Hard Worker. Entrepreneur. Optimistic, Enthusiastic: Always look on the bright side of life.
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