Review of How to write effective business English by Fiona Talbot

159 How to write business English
Last year, I spent my summer holidays in London. I was in a Language School improving my English (If you are a follower of my blog, you will know that English is not my native tongue). I travelled to London with a couple of suitcases, the first one carried my clothes and the other one was empty.

I came back to Valencia with my second suitcase full of books. Reading is one of my passions and find good books in English in my current city is not an easy task (even on the Internet).

The last place that I visited in my very last day in the city was, again, the largest bookshop of Europe, Waterstones, in Piccadilly St. As I knew that I had a bit more space available in my luggage, I could buy some books more. This was one of them.

Fiona Talbot is a writer, trainer and international consultant who teaches us on her book how to write a better business English. The book is full of advices and tips to improve our writing in the business language.

The book is aimed to non native English speakers and even to native English speakers because goes over grammar rules, common mistakes, examples on how to compose letters, emails etc.

It is the first book of a “trilogy” composed by this one, Make an impact with your written English and Executive writing skills for managers.

If you are interested in write a properly business English,I recommend you reading this book, It will help you in your career. I have enjoyed and learned a lot from it.

How to write effective business English
Fiona Talbot
Kogan Page

David Torija


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