Review of The secrets of selling, a book written by Geoff King

The secrets of selling

The whole title of this book is The secrets of selling. How to win in any sales situation. How to resist buying it? Everyone has something to sell (from the bottom of the company to the CEO). I have sold lots of things throughout my career: underwear, jewelry, houses, lands, companies, consultancy services, exported food to another continents…in fact, now I am working, again, in the real estate business as a seller.

August 2013. I was in London, taking English classes in a language school. I called it productive holidays because is a way to discover a city, living (or trying to) as a local citizen while doing something useful for your career. In my case, as you can see, English is not my native tongue and I take every opportunity I have, to improve my English because is the business language.

Like reading is one of my passions, I travelled to London with an almost empty suitcase. I came back to Spain with this suitcase full of books. My very last day in the city, I went, again, to the famous bookshop Waterstones at Picadilly St. because I still had some room in my suitcase. Among others, I was looking for a good book about sales. When I saw it, I could not resist the tentation of buying it because of its title. After reading it, I am sure the title is right.

There are three important subjects that, at least in Spain, are not been taught in universities and business schools in a properly way: sales, English and public speaking. With this book I intended to work on two of them. I think I did it.

Divided into three parts (sales meetings and sales proposals, how to find new business, becoming a complete sales person) throughout the book, the author tell us about every single issue it must be known about sales, explaining them in an easy way.

Its style is clear and practical and it has numerous examples. Every single chapter starts with a motivational quote and ends with a useful summary about the mean issues of it (a very practical way to remember what you have learned on it).

Without any doubts, it is a very helpful book for those people, like me, who have something to sell. In my case and with due respect, it has become in a kind of bible of sales. I read this book carefully and I will do it again and again because it will help me to get new clients, to prepare meetings and finally to close successful deals. This is why I strongly recommend this book.

The Secrets of selling

Geoff King.

Financial Times. Prentice Hall

 A review by David Torija

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