Review of Difficult of Conversations

Difficult conversations

Last December, I spent a few vacation days in London with my family. I took advantage of my trip to buy some books in English (it is not my native tongue) at Waterstones, the largest bookshop in Europe. This one was one of them.

It is an easy reading, part of a management book series for professionals and executives.

Everyone, every now and again, has to clarify a misunderstanding or deliver bad news… that means, a difficult conversation. This book will help you to develop the skills to turn a difficult conversation into a productive dialogue.

According to the authors, such conversations must be well prepared. We must focus on a solution. Our goal is not to beat on our counterpart, listening respectful and actively, using assertiveness and empathy, we must look for a win – win agreement  for both parts.

During a difficult conversation we must be able to control our emotions. If our counterpart is angry and he/she is not listening to us, we must stop and postpone the conversation.

When we get a successful agreement between the parties, periodically, we must verify that both are complying  our commitments.

It is a very recommendable book, full of advices and examples to improve our communication skills.

Review of Difficult of Conversations

Harvard Business Review

Boston, Massachusetts 2016

A review of David Torija

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